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SoCal Wellness™

The iconic Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles’s Griffith Park. This beacon of dreams has kept vigil over the City of Angels for over 100 years.

The unique experience of SoCal Wellness™ allows our staff to tailor your program to your specific needs. We work with our clients to achieve change through three elements: FutureSelf Life Coaching,
Health and Wellness, and "The Hollywood Experience."

For decades many people looking for a new beginning have journeyed West to Southern California: the melting pot of endless possibilities. SoCal is anchored in progressive creativity by Hollywood, the center of the entertainment industry. Its promise of dreams, the beauty of its landscape and its bohemian attitudes have inspired us to create

the Daraknot SoCal Wellness Experience. By combining core components of FutureSelf, Health and Wellness, and Hollywood,  Daraknot Health offers a unique, individualized and inspirational experience of growth grounded

in the energy and excitement of Southern California.

For more information download our SoCal Wellness Experience one sheet

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