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About Daraknot Health


"The Celtic Dara Knot has its roots in the symbolism of Internal Fortitude, Power, Wisdom, and Strength. The knot, which resembles both a tree and the root system, has no end and represents the eternal cycle of life.

I have looked to the Dara Knot and its meaning to inspire me

in creating these programs."– Dr. Howard Gluss

Dr. Gluss, what is your background as a Clinical Psychologist, and how did it inspire you to create the Santa Fe Wellness Experience?

  • In my career as a licensed clinical psychologist I’ve worked with people in my private practice for addiction recovery, obesity, anxiety, as clinical director in rehab centers, as well as a radio and TV talk show host interviewing people who are struggling, so I’ve had the privilege to work with a lot of different people in a lot of different situations. 

  • I found myself going beyond psychotherapy with people for an hour a week in my office, and actually stepping out of that box to more deeply help people transform their lives.

  • So as I realized how much of an impact I could have with patients outside of the office I founded Daraknot Health to help people create Personal and Professional Wellness through individualized concierge programs.

  • The Wellness Program I am most excited about is our latest: the New Santa Fe Wellness Experience.

    • We incorporate all that makes Santa Fe and New Mexico wonderful

      • Indigenous teachings and culture

      • History

      • Art

      • Landscape

      • Spirituality

What makes the Santa Fe Wellness Experience unique?

  • We focus on Five elements 

  1. Personal – Therapeutic experiences

  2. Physical- Outdoor Santa Fe adventures

  3. Spiritual- Indigenous Teaching for inspiration

  4. Creative – Local Santa Fe Artists to facilitate personal growth

  5. Cultural- Cultural History for enrichment


What other programs does Daraknot Health offer?

  • Recovery - Concierge drug and alcohol rehab in the privacy of your home or hotel that offers customized detox and rehab programs that discreetly caters to the needs of the individual

  • On the Set- Mental health programs to help navigate the emotional challenges of filming for the artists, crew and the production team

  • PBCT - Psychodynamic Business Coaching and Training

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