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Santa Fe Wellness Experience™

JP Mural -  at Genoveva Chavez Community Center.jpeg

“River of Hope” by John Paul Granillo, Santa Fe mural artist and Daraknot Health provider, along with community members.

The mural was commissioned by the City of Santa Fe, and is currently on exhibition at the Genoveva Chavez Community Center.

The intimate experience of the city of Santa Fe, NM allows our staff to tailor your Santa Fe Wellness Experience™ to your unique needs. We work with our clients to achieve the change you seek through five elements: Personal, Physical, Spiritual, Creative, Cultural.

No matter what challenges a client may face such as maintaining sobriety, anxiety, depression, stress, weight management, relationships, physical health, or the desire for personal growth, our mission at Daraknot Health is to maximize personal and professional growth by creating a state of balance, harmony and beauty. Santa Fe is rich in Indigenous culture, and is the oldest capital city in the US. Our destination provides disconnection, confidentiality, and a healthy rejuvenating atmosphere. From healing springs to world-renowned art galleries and museums, to the golf courses and ski resorts, to hiking and river adventures– these experiences are all available in the enchanted land that is New Mexico. Santa Fe Wellness Experience™ invites you to experience the creative heart of this unique town and the sacred ground upon which it was built.

For more information download our Santa Fe Wellness Experience one sheet

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