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Concierge Mental Health Care
for the studio or on location

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Daraknot offers a variety of mental health programs
to help navigate the emotional challenges of filming
for artists, crew and the production team.

Mental health is at the forefront of our daily lives more than ever before. The entertainment industry is no exception. In a creative environment where money is on the line and deadlines are the first priority, stress and anxiety can easily rule the day. Our goal at Daraknot is to keep everyone from the production assistants to the stars feeling and performing their best. Psychologists and therapists can lend an ear and help work through complex issues that may arise while shooting. Sober coaches can help those in recovery maintain their sobriety on set. Addiction specialists can intervene if a dependency is discovered during production.


Mental Health Support

• Minimize liability associated with substance use disorders

• Save time and money by keeping your production on schedule

• Offer mediation for stressful blowouts when team members “step on toes”

• Help actors transition emotionally between scenes

• Offer support therapy to manage emotional challenges on set like anxiety, and depression

• Empower the artists, crew and executives wellness coaching to achieve optimal performance

• Support for sobriety through addiction coaching


Sobriety Support

• Wellness and Addiction Coaching sessions with a licensed mental health professional

• Intervention when a substance dependency is discovered during production

• Personalized program planning and services that can include sober coaching, physical training, yoga, massage therapy, narrative coaching, art therapy


For more information about In-home Coaching and Rehabilitation

Let us know how we can help.

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