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Daraknot Health celebrates an Outstanding Achievement Award and Recognition as the Best In-Home Addiction Treatment in the USA

Often referred to as the ‘Michelin guide’ for International Treatment, World’s Best Rehab Magazine is dedicated to recognizing the outstanding work and achievements of treatment providers and industry professionals Globally. The magazine is often referred to as an impartial barometer and showcase of the very best in addiction treatment.

Daraknot Health has been awarded the Magazines highest accolade with international recognition as ‘Best In-Home Addiction Treatment in the United States 2023’. Daraknot Health joins an illustrious group of previous winners, who have all been dedicated to delivering lasting recovery for clients.

In-Home Addiction Treatment is one of the fastest growing Addiction Treatment options in the United States, pioneered by Dr Howard Gluss Ph.D of Daraknot Health. A well known media personality in his own right, Dr Gluss (or Dr G. as he is affectionately known) is one of the most respected and experienced Addiction specialists in the World.

From locations in California and New Mexico his behavioural healthcare brand, Daraknot Health has successfully treated higher net worth individuals and families, helping them find and maintain lasting recovery and a new sense of purpose.

According to World’s Best Rehab Magazine, “Each and every patient is treated uniquely and privately in their own homes, luxury hotels or other suitable environments where they are provided with the highest standards of professionalism, care and discretion. Privacy is absolute. Recovery is paramount. When you lead a busy life, balancing significant responsibilities at home and work, taking a month or two to visit a residential rehab center is often impossible. Daraknot Health programs are delivered by Dr Howard Gluss and his experienced teams that create groundbreaking one-person-at-a-time treatment models using the Gluss Method.”

Daraknot Health is a targeted program for long-lasting wellbeing, restoring balance and a renewed sense of freedom and purpose. The Gluss Method encourages guests to return to a life lived according to their highest values, whatever those values may be. Daraknot Health delivers a full continuum of home-based addiction treatment care including in-home detox, individual therapy, family therapy, and coordinated medical and behavioural healthcare. Daraknot Health specializes in caring for clients struggling with dependecies, burnout, anxiety, depression, substance use disorder and trauma.

By transforming the home into the treatment setting, Daraknot Health helps you recover in your familiar environment. Daraknot is a truly bespoke and individual program, meaning that you have the undivided attention of your mental health team and the freedom to learn, grow, adapt and evolve without fear of shame, judgement or worry about evolving psychologically in a group setting.

Dr Howard Gluss Ph.D said, “On behalf of the expert team here at Daraknot Health we are thrilled and excited to achieve International Recognition as the Best In-Home Addiction Treatment in the United States from World’s Best Rehab Magazine. The publication is the pinnacle journal in the treatment industry and to receive this award shows just how hard the whole team has worked on behalf of clients to deliver lasting long-term recovery.”


Media inquiries:
Dr. Howard Gluss
6404 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1220
Los Angeles, California 90036

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