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Recover To Thrive

Our Program

Individualized to meet the client's needs

After an initial consultation and assessment, a program will be created that is individualized and meet the client’s specific needs. An expert team of professionals will be assembled to meet those needs and a weekly schedule will be provided to the client. 


The Discovery: Separate

A team of expert Coaches, Psychotherapists, Medical Professionals, and Health Experts all work together to help stabilize the individual. We focus on discovering the core of the person, which is usually hidden by the effects of the disease from which they are suffering.


The Core: Grow

Based on personal insights the client made in “The Discovery” the team of experts will guide a person in deepening their understanding of themselves, establish healthy relationships and create structures that will help them maintain their sobriety. 


The Passion: Thrive

By utilizing the Thriving Principles as designed by Dr. Gluss, the team of experts will help an individual make progress by bringing their sobriety to a higher level of understanding, passion, and success.

  • How long will it take?
    We split our program into the three 30-day phases of The Gluss Method, totaling 90 days. Some clients will also repeat one or more of the 30-day programs to reinforce concepts and skills that they are struggling with.
  • Do I have to commit to the full 90 days?
    No. The only commitment is to each 30-day program.
  • Who will be on my team?
    We assemble a group of expert coaches, therapists, medical professionals and health experts to specifically meet your needs. For some that might mean we have to focus initially on a safe medical detox, for others that won’t be necessary. We form the team according to the current challenges for the client. For each 30-day program we assess the client’s priorities, and choose the team accordingly.
  • Can I keep seeing my psychologist/psychiatrist/doctor?
    We expect you to continue to see your existing treatment professionals, and, if they are willing, we prefer to include them within our team.
  • How is the program delivered, particularly during COVID-19 restrictions?"
    During COVID-19 we have been providing almost all of our sessions online via Zoom and Facetime. We always follow the Guidelines of the CDC for safety during COVID-19. Under certain circumstances we provide services in the privacy of a person’s home or hotel.
  • Do you take Medical Insurance?
    No. Most medical insurers restrict the services that can be provided when treating addiction. Our aim is to meet the need of the patient, and not the needs of the insurance company. Often the copay amounts required are similar to the entire cost of our programs.
  • Do I have to go to rehab first?
    No. Rehab is a useful and often an effective treatment; however, it is not for everyone. Some clients will need the 24hr care and confinement that rehab facilities provide. We work with our clients while their everyday life continues. This allows the client to continue working, running their business, caring for their family, etc., all while building their support network.
Dr. G: Engaging Minds The Podcast - Dr. Evelyn Higgins

Dr. G: Engaging Minds The Podcast - Dr. Evelyn Higgins

Dr. G welcomes Evelyn Higgins, MD, international expert in the epidemiology of substance use disorders, process addictions, and mental health conditions. She is a graduate of the State University of New York with postgraduate studies at Harvard Medical School in Body, Mind, and Spirit medicine with an emphasis on resiliency. A Diplomate in Addiction and Compulsive Disorders, she is also a member of the Pharmacogene Variation Consortium, is a Certified Addiction Professional and a Diplomate of the American Board of Disability specializing in pain management. Dr. Higgins’ work with addictions and primary mental health conditions led her to invent the patent-pending custom genetic panel utilized exclusively by her companies Wired For Addiction® and the Neurotransmitter Reset Program®.   In 1996, Dr. Higgins was selected as a community hero and bestowed the privilege of being an Olympic flame torchbearer, and she served as the official team doctor for the 1996 Somali Olympic team. Dr. Higgins has broadcasted on both public and commercial radio, and is the host of The Dr. Evelyn Higgins Show, a nationally syndicated radio program. She is the recipient of the prestigious Gracie Award for Outstanding Lifestyle programming, and was a finalist in the 2009 New York Radio Festival. With a heart for philanthropy, Dr. Higgins was the Executive Director of MMUUSA, a global NGO originally based in Tanzania, Africa, later donating her time to Jupiter Medical Center as a member of the Women’s Health Advisory Council, as well as a board member of Veterans Resource Services. Dr. Higgins has authored several books, including her latest, The Dr. Higgins Guide to Health & Wellness, along with The Mystery of Happiness: A Step By Step Journal of Gratitude. She frequently presents her recognized philosophy, “Prescription for Life,” when she lectures on various health and wellness topics. Her upcoming book, Three Meetings, was the result of a 534-mile trek from southern France through the Pyrenees Mountains, and across the entire country of Spain. Learn more about Dr. Higgins at


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