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Addiction Coaching and Private In-Home Rehab Care

Helping people struggling with addiction transform their lives.

Your life. Your home. Your recovery.


Discretion offered in the privacy of your own home or one of our partner resorts.

The Gluss Method

The Gluss Method®

Person-Centered Approach To Recovery

We incorporate our unique methods with the well-established evidence-based techniques of recovery treatment into the three phases of the Gluss Method®. We accomplish this by utilizing expert coaches relevant to the individual’s needs and deliver services to your home either by physically visiting or using secure internet services.

The Gluss Method® accomplishes the goal of sobriety by adhering to three major tenets: 


Separating the person from their disease. A new sense of self is developed without the self-destructiveness of addiction.


Personal growth is unlocked. By gaining a deeper insight into personal issues, we create a powerful structure to progress.


Nurture your sobriety for the long term by implementing our thriving principles to create a passionate and successful life.

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The Thriving Principles(TM) created by Dr. Gluss are 7 Principles designed to help sobriety become a state of passionate living. The 7 Principles consist of Vision, Will, Mettle, Culpability, Creativity, Rhythm, and Faith.

Private In-Home Detox and Rehabilitation

Focusing on The Gluss Method®

Private In-home Care


The focus of the medical detox is providing advanced detox medical interventions to reduce cravings and rejuvenate the body.




Psychological interventions will focus on implementing The Gluss Method in addition to psychological assessment, psychotherapy, DBT therapy, family and couples therapy.



Additional interventions may include physical training, yoga therapy, meditation and nutritional counseling.

Like the ancient symbol of Daraknot, a symbol of the interrelation of all aspects of life and its never ending cycle, The Gluss Method® is the creation of a multifaceted dynamic designed to create a powerful and passionate force in recovery.

The Team

Our Team

Dr. Howard Gluss


"The Celtic Dara Knot has its roots in the symbolism of Internal Fortitude, Power, Wisdom, and Strength. The knot, which resembles both a tree and the root system, has no end and represents the eternal cycle of life. I have looked to the Dara Knot and its meaning to inspire me in creating The Gluss Method®." – Dr. G

Dr. Howard Gluss is a Clinical Psychologist, Author, Speaker, and Radio and Television host. As a Psychologist, Dr. Gluss has been the Director of Psychosocial Services for a residential treatment center for the chronically mentally ill and taught graduate courses in Psychology, Stage Fright, Domestic Violence and Personality Disorders.  Dr. Gluss has provided substance abuse counseling for mentally ill parolees as well as taught and developed psychological programs for Attention Deficit and Learning Disabled Children and Adolescents.  


Dr. Gluss’ private practice focuses on Psychological Assessment (Neuropsychological, Biopsychosocial and Forensic), Executive Coaching, and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.  His clinical experience addresses Chronic Illness, Mood / Anxiety Disorders, Eating Disorders and Obesity, Geriatric and Adolescent Psychology, LGBT Issues, Couples Therapy and Substance Abuse. 


Damon Raskin, MD

Addiction Expert

Dr. Raskin is a leading board certified internist and Diplomate of the American Board of Addiction Medicine in Pacific Palisades, California. Treating patients in his private practice since 1996, Dr. Raskin has earned a reputation for exceptional patient care and effective individualized treatment.  Today, through cutting edge and compassionate techniques, Dr. Raskin helps his patients maintain and regain their health.  Dr. Raskin contributes regularly to local and national television broadcasts.

Dr. Mimi Shagaga is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY29319) based in Beverly Hills, CA.  She holds a Master's degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy and a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology.  She has completed advanced training in human sexuality and sex therapy and is currently in the process of completing a post-doctoral certification in neuropsychology.  

Mimi Shagaga, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Lynn Ferguson is a Scottish storyteller who has worked in TV, theatre and movies, both as a writer and a performer, picking up a cluster of awards along the way. Through coaching, she discovered that the stories we tell ourselves are much more elaborate than anything we might tell others. Lynn helps unpick, simplify and clarify those stories so we get to live the life we wish to, rather than one dictated by dark old tales

from our past.

Lynn Ferguson


Scarlett Leigh Redmond is a Los Angeles-based Yoga & Stretch Teacher with a special interest in Restorative & Mobility Techniques. She is passionate about the intrinsic connection between physical and emotional health, and uses each session as an opportunity to help students sync their body, breath & mind in order to activate the relaxation response.

Scarlet Redmond

Yoga, Stretch, Meditation

Mark Tweddle

Business Coach

Mark Tweddle holds an MBA which has given him an obsession for growing sustainable businesses. His superpower is understanding what is needed to make complex challenges simple. From dishwasher to designer of UK military intelligence systems, and from digital marketer to entrepreneur– all of which now position him to consult and coach people to build their businesses.

Chris Minor was born in Alaska and has lived in 8 different states.  Chris has been doing Crossfit competitively for several years. He loves dogs, being outdoors, and working with people to help them achieve their goals. His dream is to one day own his own gym and to live closer to the beach wherever he is.

Chris Minor

Physical Training

Josh Gilbert is a Licensed Massage Therapist with over 10 years experience working with people from all walks of life. He believes in the benefits of massage to help keep the body moving and functioning as it should. His passion for helping people feel better and get back to what they love doing motivates him to continue his education and career in bodywork and rehabilitation.

Josh Gilbert

Licensed Massage Therapist

Sonny Mayo

Music and Breathwork

Melissa Jobe comes to Concierge Detox from a career in advertising design with a background in the performing arts. As a creative director and designer, she has worked with a variety of clients in the pharmaceutical, ophthalmic, hospitality and entertainment industries.

Melissa Jobe

Clinical Coordinator

Sammie is a five year old Boston Terrier.  She is a registered ESA and very much enjoys her profession and the talents she naturally brings to the position.  Sammie comes from the school of "Listen and Lick" and bonds well with those transforming their lives.


Emotional Support

Recover to Thrive.


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