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Psychodyamic Business
Coaching and Training


Daraknot provides coaching and training to improve
methods of growth within your company's culture.

Psychodynamic Business Coaching and Training (PBCT) is the examination of mental dynamics as they are expressed in business. PBCT presents unconscious thought processes, conflicts, defenses, and interpersonal relationships to determine how they affect an individual, a group, an organization and the community. Daraknot provides the tools and coaching that will improve professional judgment, and the skills to minimize destructive behaviors and improve methods of growth within your company’s culture.

Focus of Coaching and Training
Discover how unconscious behavior and thoughts create conflict.


The Unconcious Mind

The existence of unconscious mental and social processes that impact behavior on a conscious level in business and organizations:

• Learn how to regulate emotions and feelings, and how they affect our personal lives, social and business relations

Work with fear, anxiety and other mental states in the workplace

• Develop a plan to work with the psychodynamics of transitions such as fight or flight, perfectionism and conflict


Psychoeducational Interventions

Knowledge of understanding what happens to people when they are in conflict, and how their behavior affects an organization:

Create a deeper understanding of complex internal structures, and how they manifest in a business environment

• Identify and stop self-destructive behavior and minimizing its impact on the workplace

• Focus on individual wellness in order to develop organizational wellness


Improve Professional Judgement

Improve diagnostic abilities, professional judgment and skills to minimize destructive behaviors and improve methods of growth:

Increase personal and organizational awareness in order to make positive choices

• Develop a sense of resiliency and fortitude

• Create a culture of high growth and creativity


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